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Being a business owner can be tough, and no matter how hard you work or how good you are having someone alongside you to tweak your performance is a game changer. Its why the top sports people see the benefits of having a coach. Week in week out challenging, motivating, adjusting their performance so they can be the best that they can be. 

ActonCOACH are unique in a number of ways, we invented the sector, have been around the longest, with the most robust data and proven strategies for growth, have a complete toolbox no matter what stage your business is at right now and whilst you are working with just 1 coach there are over 1,500 of us worldwide to work on your challenge or opportunity.

Coaching is for “good” businesses wanting to be “great”. Those with aspiration that know having someone hold them to account makes the perform even better.

Wherever your business is right now if you want an even better future with real freedom of choice from your business then get in touch to discuss what having a coach could do for you.

Simon Buck 

Why you need a Coach

A Business Coach is better than a consultant for many reasons. With years of successful experience that can provide valuable insight, your Business Coach will help you develop long-term and short term goals and strategies, as well as improve your business in areas that you might have overlooked. 

You may be able to survive in business without the help of a Coach, but it's almost impossible to thrive. We are all about taking you from Good to Great

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Hear the Success Stories

Lucy Allen // MD Higher Sites

Over the course of my career I've had the opportunity to meet and work with many performance coaches some bad, some good and some downright terrible. Simon is undoubtedly one of the best. His real life business experience shone through and at the end of the day I felt we'd achieved a huge amount. Although he was only with us a short time he's made a big impact on the way we act as an organisation. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend him.

Ian Griffiths // MD GreyMatters

Simon is the real deal...he brings a very quick intellect tempered with practicality. He has an uncanny knack of unpicking the complex & perplexing and giving you the confidence to forge a brighter future...

I have counted myself fortunate to meet certain people....and Simon is one such person.

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Who is Simon Buck

I am a certified Business Coach, providing business help, business advice, business coaching and mentoring services to small and medium sized businesses - helping businesses go from Good to Great.

I have a passion for helping businesses like yours grow and become more profitable, so you, the business owner can enjoy the lifestyle you deserve and have real freedom of choice. 

As your Business Coach and advisor, I will help you deliver the results you desire using proven tools, methodologies and systems, tested and perfected over hundreds of thousands of businesses worldwide for over more than two decades. I will hold you accountable for your results and just like a sports coach, push you to perform at optimal levels.

Let’s schedule a Free Business Coaching session to get started …